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Heterojunction production OAK-DU-5

Equipment System Features Unique Features:

First on-line multi-layer reaction chamber dual vacuum system, unchanged footprint, doubled production capacity

OAK-DU-5 with dual react-chamber doubled throughput and kept the same floor space of OAK-U-5.

Rapid plasma stabilization (stabilization time ~ 0.3 seconds), RF frequency can be selected between 13.56MHz and 40.68MHz

Plasma stabilized within 0.3 seconds with either 13.56 or 40.68 MHz.

The entire CVD process is in an ultra-clean environment without cross-contamination

The entire CVD processes are under no contamination and super clean environment

Full automatic production from Jingzhou to Jingzhou, no belt cell transfer

Cassette in, cassette out, wafer load and unload, fully automated without using belt to transfer wafers

Optimized process and online tray cleaning to maximize equipment productivity

In-line auto-cleaning of wafer carriers integrated with PECVD deposition processes to provide maximum throughout

Equipped with a plasma self-cleaning system to keep the reaction chamber clean, no need to open the cavity for maintenance, and increase the normal operating time

Dry Clean: keeps chamber complete clean, no need to open chamber clean with better uptime

Small reaction chamber volume, saving process gas consumption (only traditional ~ 1/8)

Smaller reactor chamber design, saves special reactive gases usage (only ~ 1/8 of traditional chamber)

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