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Single Chamber PECVD PINE-M-R-5

Application: SHJ, TOPCon Solar Cell and IC processes, etc.

Unique Features of equipment:

    Identical reactors and process recipes for R&D and Mass production tools, therefore, the R&D recipes can be direct transferred into production tool

    Advanced RF matching system: Plasma stabilized within 0.1 seconds with either 13.56 or 40.68 MHz

   Advanced Vacuum-in-vacuum chamber design 


Process Laboratory of Ideal Energy Sunflower

Process Laboratory of Ideal Energy Sunflower Thin Film Equipment Ltd. is located at Lin-gang Special Area of the Shanghai Pilot FTZ. With a complete experimental line and process schemes for SHJ solar cells, the Laboratory focuses on the development and continuously upgrading of PECVD equipment and process design. The Laboratory provides services including technical advices, DEMO and industrial promotion for customers.

The main equipment and some supporting instruments in the Lab. list as follows:
1、R&D PECVD equipment  (Ideal Energy Sunflower)
2、Wet equipment for clean and texturization  (YAC)
3、PVD equipment for ITO  (Von Ardenne)
4、Screen printer Micro-Tech)
5、I-V tester Visiontec)
6、Ellipsometer  (Semilab)
7、Spectrometer  (Shimadzu)
8、Minority carrier life time tester (Sinton)

The supporting equipment and instruments:

制绒清洗      PECVD
                 Figure 1 Wet equipment                                                                                             Figure 2 PECVD equipment

PVD       丝网印刷                                        Figure 3 PVD equipment                                                                                                    Figure 4 Screen printer

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